Overview of the St James's Square Community

St James’s Square, Bath, was built in 1790-1794 as a communal garden square.  Designed by architect John Palmer, it comprises forty-five terraced town houses, each facing the private communal garden with lawn, mature trees, spring bulbs and seating. It remains today as one of the only Grade I listed residential Georgian squares in the nation.

Around 20 of the houses are occupied as family homes by their owners; the remaining 25 houses are converted into approximately 100 flats and are owned either by their flat leaseholders or by non-resident landlords.  An estimated 60% of the residents are tenants.

The communal interests of residents and property owners at St James’s Square are managed through St James’s Square Bath Limited, a Company whose purpose is to own and maintain the communal garden and to act as a residents association.  All St James’s Square residents and property owners are encouraged to become Members of the Company so that they can vote at general meetings and have access to the Garden.  The owners and residents of most St James's Square properties have historical entitlements to use the Garden upon payment of a proportionate share of expenses, whether or not they are Members.

This website serves as the Company’s primary means of communicating with its Members and other St James’s Square stakeholders, through notices, news and other important community information.  All Members are urged to register.

The directors of the Company welcome comments and suggestions and may be contacted via the Contacts page.