The Company

St James's Square Bath Limited is a company limited by guarantee.  It was established in 2010 primarily to secure the long term protection of the central communal garden area of the Square according to the wishes of its residents.

The purpose of the Company is to manage, maintain and hold title to the communal Garden at St James's Square, Bath for the benefit of Owners, Leaseholders and Occupiers of the 45 properties in the Square, all of whom are eligible to become Members of the Company.

The company is run by a Board of Directors, who are appointed by a vote of Members.  Directors have specific responsibilities in the running of the Company and serve for a period of 3 years from election, after which they retire with the possibility to offer themselves for re-election.  The Board meets periodically through the year at the discretion of the Directors, to deal with issues at hand.

The Company also acts as a residents association to promote and protect the communal interests of its Members.

Current Directors of the Company are:

  • Vicky Clarke
  • Colyn Moore
  • Tony Raper
  • Sylvia Sinclair

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