Care of the Garden

The Company is responsible for administering and maintaining the St James's Square communal garden on behalf of residents and property owners. The Director with specific responsibility for the Garden is Vicky Clarke.

The garden is managed in accordance with the Garden Plan, which was first approved at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Access to the Garden

The garden is only available for use by Owners, Leaseholders and Occupiers of property in St James's Square, Bath, contingent upon payment of all fees no later than 60 days after the due date; their accompanied guests may also use the garden.

Access is gained through one of four locked gates, using a digital code which is available in the Protected Information area of this website, accessible only to Registered Members of the Company - it is easy to register, simply click on 'Register to access Members Area' on the Main Menu and complete your online application.  The Directors also make every effort to ensure that residents who are eligible to access the garden but do not have access to the internet are provided with the code.

The code for the digital locks will be changed occasionally, as deemed necessary by the Board.

Garden Conditions of Use

These set out in detail the basis for St James's Square Bath Limited to maintain the Garden and specify who is authorised to use the Garden.

Please click here to see the Garden Conditions of Use

Garden Rules

These set out a basic code of conduct for use of the Garden, which is an important amenity to be enjoyed by all who are authorised to use it.  Please respect the Garden Rules which are intended to protect and preserve the Garden and allow it to be used without interference.

Please click here to see the Garden Rules

Inventory of trees

In accordance with the Garden Plan, the Board maintain an Inventory Of All Trees.

Record of tree maintenance

In accordance with the Garden Plan, the Board maintain a record of all maintenance work carried out on the trees

2014 Tree Survey Report