Membership of the Company

Can I become a Member of the Company?

Persons eligible include:

  • Owners (freeholders)
  • Leaseholders (long tenure flat lessees)
  • Occupiers (tenants, family members and licensees, who have been resident for at least 24 months)

of any property located on St James’s Square, Bath.

What are my rights and responsibilities if I become a Member?

Each Member of the Company incurs the obligation to make an annual payment to the Company, based pro-rata on the number of house floors owned/occupied (1-5).  Payment obligations of Members who are Leaseholders or Occupiers may be met by, or via the Owner of their flats.  The floor fee is proposed/agreed at each Annual General Meeting; all Members are entitled to vote at meetings either in person, or by proxy through the Chairman.

Owner members who wish to commit themselves and future owners of their property to the long term security of funding for the Garden have the opportunity to enter into a Deed of Covenant with the Company.  More details of this are available from the Director responsible for Finance.

All Members are entitled to use the St James's Square garden, subject to prompt payment of annual fees, and adherence to the Garden Rules and Conditions of Use.

In the unlikely event of the Company being wound up, each Member has an obligation to contribute to any outstanding debts and winding up costs, up to a maximum of £1/Member.

Application forms to become a Member of the the Company, or to enter into a Deed of Covenant can be accessed using the following links;

What if I don't become a Member?

Whilst everyone in the Square is encouraged to become a member, there is no obligation to do so. Historic entitlements mean that most owners/residents will still be entitled to use the Garden on payment of a proportionate share of expenses (the floor fee).  Non-members do not have a right to vote at meetings.