Residents Interests and FoBRA

In addition to being responsible for the Garden of St James's Square, the Board of the Company endeavours also to promote the communal interests of St James's Square residents on matters other than the Garden, such as issues with local council services, relevant planning applications, relationships with nearby communities.

As well as actively monitoring events in and around the Square, our membership of FoBRA (Federation of Bath Residents Association) allows us to be aware of, and seek to influence decisions which affect our area and also the City of Bath as a whole.

The Company is an active member of FoBRA, an association of 24 Bath residents associations that promotes the collective interests of the residents of Bath.  FoBRA proactively maintains relationships with key council leaders and officials, police, business leaders and other key sectors of the city to influence decisions that impact on the quality of life of residents.  FoBRA's current priorities are Traffic and Pollution, Nighttime Economy, Public Realm, Parking, Planning and Street Cleaning.

For more information about FoBRA, visit their website, or contact Van Dubose.